In Weld County, Colorado, and particularly the cities and towns of Greeley, Fort Lupton, Evans, Grover, Miliken, and Keenesburg, Arson is a very serious crime that has the potential to be a class 3 felony and requires significant jail time. Arson is divided into four levels, or degrees, depending on what damage was done, the dollar amount of the damage, and the type of structures or property that was burned. It is best to be knowledgeable of the kind of charges the state brings against people who are involved with Arson. An experienced Arson attorney is your best ally when fighting a government prosecution.

Fire danger in the summer months is always high in Colorado and the Weld County area cities and towns like Greeley, Dacono, Ault, Eaton, Hudson, Kersey, and Platteville. Huge wild fires can start because of an accident or moment of carelessness. Other smaller fires may grow out of control and result in felony charges in your own backyard. Learn more about the definitions in the law regarding Arson.

The Four Degrees of Arson

First Degree Arson

1st Degree Arson in Weld County is a class 3 felony. Arson in the First Degree is committed when someone intentionally starts a fire or sets something on fire, including using explosives, and that fire damages or destroys a building whose owner or occupier does not give permission to be destroyed.

Second Degree Arson

2nd Degree Arson is a class 4 felony if the damage done by the fire is more than one hundred dollars, and a class 2 misdemeanor if the damage is less. Arson in the Second Degree is committed in the same way as First Degree Arson, but it instead applies specifically to property other than occupied buildings in the Greeley area.

Third Degree Arson

3rd Degree Arson is a class 4 felony. Arson in the Third Degree is committed when someone knowingly damages any property by way of fire or explosives, with the intent to defraud.

Fourth Degree Arson

4th Degree Arson can be either a class 4 felony, a class 2 misdemeanor, or class 3 misdemeanor. Arson in the Fourth Degree is committed when someone knowingly or recklessly starts a fire, including fires started because of an explosive, and that fire threatens another person’s life or poses a threat of serious injury. Also if that fire puts a building or occupied structure in danger it is considered 4th Degree Arson.


If you are approached or arrested by police because of Arson allegations, it is best to get an experienced defense attorney working for you as quickly as possible.

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