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The jail in Weld County is run by the sheriff’s office and is used to hold individuals who are accused of felony or misdemeanor crimes in Greeley, Erie, Hudson, or Berthoud, once sentencing occurs, only or houses people serving sentences for misdemeanor crimes stay at the jail. A crime of misdemeanor Third (3rd) Degree Trespassing (CRS 18-4-504), Theft (CRS 18-4-401), or Criminal Mischief (CRS 18-4-501) will sometimes result in a county jail sentence.

Weld County Jail Location and Contact Information

Weld County Jail Address:

2110 O Street,
Greeley, CO, 80631

Weld County Jail Phone:

(970) 356-4015

Jail Life

Weld County Jail life is designed so inmates may continue in life similar to the one they had before they were arrested. The Weld County jail promises to return inmates back to society improved or at least no worse than when they arrived. In many instances, jail life may actually be a positive step for some people to get a handle on themselves and re-evaluate what they want to do with life. Inmates at some jails are required to be in “lock down” for approximately 14 hours a day, which includes sleeping. They are allowed access to the facilities during periods when a lock down is not in place, during which they may visit the library, participate in indoor or outdoor recreational facilities, or take classes.

Why It's Important to Have a Jail Visit with an Attorney

Meeting with an attorney for a jail conference is vital for your friend or family member following their arrest. This is because your loved one is cut off from communication from the rest of the world. Police investigators take advantage of this weakness by interviewing your loved ones before they have had a chance to speak with an attorney who will advise them to remain silent. When our attorneys have a jail meeting with your friend or family member, we will help them to understand they are not alone, and will give them hope until they are bailed out of the Weld County Jail. An experienced attorney's involvement in a criminal case often is the difference between a conviction and a dismissal. Don't let the Greeley police interview your loved one before they know their rights. Once we have met your loved one in jail, we will be able to fight to protect their future.

Bail and Bond

People are held in the Weld County Jail until they either post the bail money to bond out, or have seen a judge and resolved the case they are detained for. A bail or bond amount is set to guarantee the defendant will appear in court. If they fail to appear, the money is forfeited and the person will most likely have an arrest warrant issued for them. Bail or bond is simply a monetary guarantee to the Weld County courts that the accused will continue to see the process of justice through till the end. They must attend court dates, hearings, and sentencing. The amount of bail or bond is set depending upon the severity of the crime. Higher bail / bond amounts are given to individuals who committed higher classified misdemeanors or felonies. The Weld County Jail requires that you have the following in order to post bond:

  • Cash (you must tell them if you want your name on the cash bond in order to be returned to you when the bond is released) or;
  • Cashier's Check (made payable to the Weld County Sheriff's Office) or;
  • Money Order (made payable to the Weld County Sheriff's Office) or;
  • Surety Bonds (must be done using a bondsperson)
  • $10 Non-Refundable Bond Fee
  • $30 Non-Refundable Booking Fee

Visiting the Jail

Personal visits are made possible through the use of video visitation equipment. You must be approved and you must make an appointment. To make an appointment (up to a week in advance), call 970-304-6556. You can schedule a visit (30-minute maximum) to take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9am to 6pm. Be aware that all visits are recorded, and can be shared with the prosecution in your friend or loved one's criminal case.

When you visit, you must bring a valid identification card or driver's license (the jail does not accept paper forms of I.D., such as school I.D. cards). No one under the age of 18 is allowed to visit without a legal guardian. One adult and two children can be present during the appointment. The visiting rules are as follows:

  • No food, drink, cell phone or cameras allowed
  • No spaghetti strap, strapless tops, or tank tops allowed
  • No unauthorized people at the monitors
  • Children must be constantly supervised
  • No flashing of body parts
  • No pets (service animals are allowed)
  • When minor children are brought in, proof of guardianship must be presented
  • Name and date of birth must match the jail's records

If you violate any of these rules, the jail could end your visit at any time or having you banned form the premises for up to a year.


The jail encourages friends and family to send mail to inmates. Mail should be sent to:

Inmate's name
Weld County Jail
2110 O Street
Greeley, CO 80631

All mail received at the jail is screened. Many things aren't accepted for security and safety reasons. You must include a return address or it will be unopened and returned to the Post Office. Indigent inmates (who have less than .53 on their inmate account for more than 30 or more consecutive days) receive on free envelope a week. Here is a list of items which are not accepted:

  • Packages
  • Snacks and other foods
  • Stamped envelopes
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Items with glitter
  • Stamps
  • Anything made with glue
  • No more than 10 letters at a time
  • No more than 4 pictures at a time

Money Accounts

When a person is booked into jail, a money account is opened. The money in an inmate account can be used by the inmate to pay for commissary and medical visits. Commissary items are items not provided by the jail, such as snacks, radios, deodorant, etc.

If you want to put money into an inmates money account, you can do this by mailing a money order (learn more about mailing a money order), or making a deposit via Access SecureDeposits via:

  • Phone (available 24/7 - bi-lingual help is available - debit and credit cards accepted)
  • Internet (available 24/7 - visit www.inmatedeposits.com - accepts debit and credit cards)
  • At the lobby kiosk (available 24/7 - accepts debit and credit cards as well as cash)

The fee for using Access Secure Deposits is $4.00. You cannot give an inmate or jail personnel cash in person.

Calling an Inmate

Collect-call telephones are available for use by all inmates. Keep in mind that all phone calls are recorded with inmates. When you call a person in jail, a fee will be billed to the person calling. Talk time is limited to 15 minutes, and cannot be made to international numbers. If a portable phone is used, or if the call is forwarded, a computer will disconnect the call.

Purpose of the Jail

Jails are short term holding facilities only and are not engineered to fully rehabilitate a person or provide therapy after a crime is committed. The Weld County Jail will provide a mental and physical evaluation for temporary purposes, and inmates with mental disabilities will be held with other inmates of the same situation. Weld County organizes jail inhabitants according to risk and needs levels, in an effort to keep as many people as safe as possible.

To learn more about the Greeley jail, visit the Sheriff Department's website for more information, including more about life in jail.


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