Sexual Crimes

You need a Greeley sexual assault lawyer if you have been accused of a sex crime In Weld County, Colorado. Those charged with a sex offense can face a lifetime of punishment by the judicial system and a lifetime of shame by society.  In Weld, Logan and Morgan County, sex offenses include:

Sex offenses in Greeley and Weld County range from misdemeanors such as Prostitution, which is a class 3 misdemeanor, to serious felonies such as Sexual Assault on a Child, which is a class 3 or class 4 felony, depending on the age of the child and various other factors.

What is the Sentence for a Sex Offense in Weld County?

The most frightening thing about being charged with a sex offense by the 19th Judicial District Attorney's office is that the Colorado legislature has mandated that most sex offenses are punishable by indeterminate sentencing.  Whereas in normal felony cases the judge can give up to a specific maximum amount of time in the Colorado Department of Corrections, in sentencing for sex offenses, the judge can give a range with a minimum sentence but no upper limit, such as 4 years to life.  In all likelihood, the person convicted will serve more than four years before being given consideration for parole. If the Colorado parole board considers the defendant eligible for parole, there will be a hearing on the decision to release where all interested parties can give input on the decision.  Therefore, it is in the complete discretion of the parole board, which may be influenced by political considerations, whether a sex offender spends their life in prison.

Sex Offender Registration

If a person is released from prison on parole, they must register as a sex offender in their community, and failing to do so will expose them to further criminal charges.  Sex offender registration is a complex process, and the requirements frequently change and can be confusing.  Additionally, the Sex Offender Management Board (S.O.M.B.) sets the standards for treatment and supervision of all sex offenders. The S.O.M.B. does not believe that sex offenders can be cured, and their treatment programs in Eaton, Firestone, and Keenesburg can be harsh and draconian.

Why You Need an Experienced Sexual Assault Lawyer

If you have been accused of a sexual offense in Weld County, Colorado, the consequences have the potential to ruin your life.  It is critical that you have an experienced lawyer and friend that will come alongside you and advocate for your rights.  At the O'Malley Law Office, our criminal defense attorneys have spent over twenty years defending the accused, and we understand the complexities of sex offender registration, indeterminate sentencing, and the Sex Offender Management Board.

Commonly Charged Sex Crimes

Sexual Assault | Rape

In Greeley and Weld County, a person is charged with Felony Sexual Assault when that person is accused of forcing an alleged victim to have sex with them or having sexual penetration without consent. This is often referred to as rape or date rape. If you have been charged with Felony Sexual Assault, you can be set free from these charges if you involve an experienced criminal defense attorney early.

Sexual Assault on a Child

It is happening more all the time. Men who have opened their home for a stepchild, needy relative, or foster child are being falsely accused of Sexual Assault on a Child in Weld County. Kids are becoming sophisticated. They know the government will believe anything a child says. When facing false allegations of Sexual Assault on a Child, you need experienced defense lawyers tough enough to stand with you.

Unlawful Sexual Contact

In Morgan, Logan and Weld County, the most commonly charged sex offense we handle is misdemeanor Unlawful Sexual Contact. In these cases, there is no physical evidence, because the allegations are centered on a touch alone. When a person accuses someone of touching their intimate parts, making them touch the accused’s intimate parts, or touching the clothing covering their intimate parts, Unlawful Sexual Contact will be charged.

Indecent Exposure

Indecent Exposure basically means that someone has exposed his or her private parts in public view. The caveat is, this can be charged in Greeley, even if the person is on private property like in a car, inside a house or in a backyard. Indecent Exposure is considered a sex crime and if convicted would require sex offender treatment and registering as a sex offender.


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