Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence or DV - C.R.S. 18-6-801 - is a very broad offense in Colorado. Harsh words, threats and other actions against a person with whom who have an intimate relationship could leave you charged with DV.

What Does Domestic Violence Mean?

DV cases in Greeley and Weld County involve:

  • Conduct against a victim which is committed by a person the victim had an intimate relationship with in the past or present.
  • Includes unlawful conduct or threats against the person, their property, or an animal belonging to them.  Threats are used to coerce, control, punish, intimidate, or get revenge on them.

It is Domestic Violence in cities like Fort Lupton, Greeley, Lochbuie, Miliken, or Firestone, can result in job loss or a sentence in the Weld County Jail.

Potential Ramifications for a DV Offense Charge

Since DV is a sentence enhancer connected to any other crime, there are many consequences of a DV conviction in Weld, Larimer and Boulder County.

Weapons and Firearms

If someone is convicted of a DV charge, they will lose their right to bear arms. This could be devastating to people who enjoy hunting or other recreational firearm use. It will make it impossible for someone to work any type of job that requires them to carry a gun or obtain security clearances. In many instances, our attorneys have been able to structure DV pleas which retain a person’s firearm rights.

Domestic Violence Offender Classes

In Weld County, if someone is convicted of or pleads guilty or no contest to DV, they are required to take part in a minimum of 36 weeks of classes, evaluations, and different types of recommended treatment - all of which the person convicted is required to pay for. These are overseen by the Domestic Violence Offender Management Board.

Mandatory Arrest

Police in Weld County cities like Hudson, Erie, and Eaton must make an arrest when they are called to a DV dispute. This mandatory arrest law in Colorado applies to situations where police must arrest the partner who allegedly started the dispute or was the instigator of DV. The person they arrest is immediately taken to jail and appears in front of a judge the next day. There will also be a mandatory protection order.

DV Allegations: How We Can Help

Since so much happens so quickly following an arrest for DV, it is important to know your rights and contact an attorney quickly. Never plead guilty to a DV offense without considering the advice of an experienced lawyer. In DV disputes, it is important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as early as possible. We structure defenses that will protect your rights when facing a Domestic Violence charge.

Elements of a Domestic Violence Charge

DV Sentence Enhancer

Domestic Violence is not in itself a criminal charge. Instead it is a sentence enhancer that can be added to any underlying crime. As a sentence enhancer, it requires a separate set of requirements with sentencing including domestic violence treatment.

DV Protection Orders

In any DV case, a protection order is a automatically entered by a Weld County judge to prevent the accused from having contact with the victim. The ramifications of this protection order can be devastating and may prevent the accused from returning to their home or parenting their children.

DV Treatment

As part of the sentencing requirements for Domestic Violence, a person who pleads guilty to or is convicted of a DV offense must complete DV treatment. This treatment is expensive, intrusive and lasts at least 36 weeks.


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