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Important Definitions for the Weld County At-Risk Adults, At-Risk Adults with IDD, At-Risk Juvenile and At-Risk Elder Statute 

Read the important definitions related to the at-risk person statute. Who constitutes an at-risk person and what are the different designations?

When a crime is committed against a person who is labeled ‘at-risk’ it is charged more harshly. This is because the at-risk community is seen as vulnerable and less able to protect themselves. The label ‘at-risk person’ includes: an at-risk adult, an at-risk adult with IDD, an at-risk juvenile, or an at-risk elder. Let’s look at the legal criteria used to determine if the victim of a crime is an at-risk person, requiring harsher sentencing ranges. Let’s look at these vital definitions. 

Weld County Definition of At-Risk Adult 

The Weld, Morgan, and Logan County, Colorado law definition of At-Risk Adult – found under C.R.S. 18-6.5-102 – is: 

any person who is seventy years of age or older or any person who is eighteen years of age or older and is a person with a disability.

A person with a disability means the person: 

  • Has lost the ability to use their hand or foot; 
  • Is blind or has permanent vision loss; 
  • Cannot walk, see, hear, or speak; 
  • Cannot breathe without medical assistance; 
  • Has a mental health disorder which is one or more substantial disorders of the cognitive, volitional, or emotional processes that grossly impairs judgment or capacity to recognize reality or to control behavior; or 
  • Has a mental impairment, which is any behavioral, mental, or psychological disorder, such as an intellectual and developmental disability, organic brain syndrome, behavioral or mental health disorder, or specific learning disability. 

Definition of At-Risk Adult with IDD in Erie and Evans 

IDD stands for Intellectual and Developmental Disability in Greeley, Erie, and Evans. An Intellectual and developmental disability is: 

a disability that constitutes a substantial disability to the affected person, and that is attributable to mental retardation or related conditions, which include cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, or other neurological conditions.”

What is the Definition of an At-Risk Juvenile in Morgan County? 

An at-risk juvenile in Morgan County is a person under the age of 18 and has one of the bullet point disabilities as noted above. 

Definition of At-Risk Elder in Sterling and Logan County, Colorado 

An at-risk elder is any person aged 70 or older. In Sterling and Logan County, age is the only determining factor in deciding if a person is an at-risk elder.  

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