Greeley First Degree Arson Attorney
Fire Retaliation for Penis Prank

A man was charged with First Degree Arson after setting fire to the garage of the house he lived in as retaliation for a penis prank his roommate pulled.

Intentionally setting fire to someone’s home or other occupied structure without their consent is charged as First Degree Arson in Greeley, Erie, and Evans. A man was recently charged with this crime for setting fire to the garage of the home he was living in as a way to get revenge on his roommate. According to the report, the man was angry with the roommate for drawing a penis on his face while he was passed out drunk. He got his reatliation by setting fire to the garage. I’m not sure how setting fire to the house you live in only gets your roommate back, but maybe he didn’t think his plan all the way through. Regardless, he and his roommate were able to extinguish the fire before emergency personnel arrived, but that didn’t stop the police from charging him with First Degree Arson.

Weld County First Degree Arson Retaliation Lawyer: Definition of First Degree Arson in Morgan County

The Weld, Morgan, and Logan County, Colorado law definition of First Degree Arson – C.R.S. 18-4-102 – is:

A person who knowingly sets fire to, burns, causes to be burned, or by the use of any explosive damages or destroys, or causes to be damaged or destroyed, any building or occupied structure of another without his consent commits first degree arson.

Likely, the home did not belong to the man or his roommate, but instead was a rental. Therefore, the man technically damaged the property of the homeowner. His admitting to setting the fire as revenge, supports an argument that he ‘knowingly’ set the fire, not accidentally.

Sentence for First Degree Arson in Sterling and Logan County

As a class 3 felony in Sterling and Logan County, First Degree Arson is punishable by 4 to 12 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections and up to $750,000 in fines. This would not include restitution, which is the amount of money a victim requests to repair the damage caused by the criminal act. If there was serious damage to the structure of the garage or major repairs were needed, the restitution amount could be extremely high.

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