Abuse of Protection and Restraining Orders in Weld County

Learn more about a Protection and Restraining Order in Colorado.

The purpose of a Protection and Restraining Order is to protect the victim of a crime from further violence in Greeley, Windsor and Erie. They are issued by courts to preserve peace. In today’s world, however, these orders are issued far too much, which lessens the impact and protection they are supposed to provide. Consider the fact that in every criminal case, regardless of the specific circumstances, a Protection and Restraining Order is issued. In a world where calling police for revenge and control is often used to manipulate relationships, handing out these orders is an abuse of the legal system.

Vengeful False Accusations Make Protection  and Restraining Orders Abusive

If a person is truly violent, these restraints are logical. Courts issuing a protection and restraining order in every criminal case in Weld, Morgan and Logan County, however, is not right. False accusations for the purposes of manipulation and revenge run rampant in criminal cases. Angry neighbors, revengeful ex-boyfriends and bitter ex-spouses can make allegations that control your life. For example: A woman accuses her husband of Domestic Violence (CRS 18-6-008.3) and the court issues a restraining order. This order would mandate that the man has to leave his leave his home and have no contact with his own children. If the allegations are false, this man’s rights are taken away by a court that issues a Protection and Restraining Order without first allowing the man to speak to his defense.

What Should I Do if a Protection and Restraining Order is Issued Against Me?

If a Protection and Restraining Order is issued against you in Weld County, you could lose access to work, your family or be required to leave your home. We will listen to your story and work to prove your innocence. We will apply to modify your protection or restraining order.

If issued such an order, be smart, exercise your right to remain silent, and contact our experienced lawyers at 970-616-6009 or submit this form. Together, we will protect your future.

Image Credit: Pixabay – edar